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Complete Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking to purchase a coleman hot tub? Which model should you get? Read on for our reviews of the top options with .

It’s a Friday evening, and you return home from the office feeling exhausted. Wouldn’t you love it if you could slip into a hot tub and melt away your stress? Hot tubs are awesome. The relaxing bubbles soothe your nerves and caress your body, providing a massage-like experience that invigorates the mind.

Hot tubs have plenty of health benefits. From reducing stress to soothing your soul, a hot tub is a must-have for anyone that enjoys unwinding in the water. Choosing the right hot tub for your home requires you to look at your needs and how you’ll use the spa. There’s no need to buy a large tub if you’re single and never share it with anyone. Conversely, if you enjoy entertaining, you’ll need a larger tub to accommodate your guests.

There are dozens of hot tub models on the market and plenty of brands offering different products to suit your home or apartment. Whether you want a hot tub for one or a spa for seven, there’s a model to suit your needs.

This review examines a leading brand in the hot tub industry, Coleman. Coleman makes excellent inflatable hot tubs, and they come at a remarkably affordable price point. This review looks at the best Coleman hot tub for your home.

Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub | Portable Hot Tub W


After a long day, there’s nothing more relaxing than sinking into warm, bubbling water right in your own backyard. The Coleman® SaluSpa® AirJet™ provides a soothing massage experience for up to 4 people, while still being quick and easy to set up.

Coleman Saluspa 71" x 26" Havana AirJet Inflatable Hot


There’s nothing better than coming home to a bubbling spa! The Coleman Havana AirJet inflatable spa is the perfect way to relax after a long day. Control in the Palm of Your Hand This unique spa can be controlled by the included remote control. 

Coleman 90454 SaluSpa Hawaii 71" x 26" 4-Person


Long day at the office? Relax in the Coleman SaluSpa Hawaii AirJet Hot Tub. It’s everything you love about hot tubs, but portable and affordable. The hot tub inflates in minutes and the rapid heating system quickly heats the water up to 104 degrees.

Coleman 13804-BW SaluSpa 4 Person Portable Inflatable Outdoor

The Coleman Inflatable Miami Spa is an inflatable hot tub that seats 4 people and is completely portable so you can take it with you on your vacations or relax at home. The hot tub includes 3 replaceable hot tub filter cartridges for easy maintenance. 


Coleman SaluSpa 4 Person Inflatable Portable Square Air

The Coleman SaluSpa 4 Person Inflatable Hot Tub with EZ Spa Water Chemical Treatment makes relaxation at home easier than ever. This packages comes with a 4-person hot tub and water chemical treatment. The tub has massage jets and a cushioned floor.


Coleman SaluSpa Tahiti Inflatable Hot Tub Spa, 2-4 Person AirJet Spa

After a long day, there’s nothing more relaxing than sinking into warm, bubbling water right in your own backyard. The Coleman® SaluSpa® Tahiti AirJet™ provides a soothing massage experience for up to 4 people, while still being quick and easy to set up. 


Coleman Hot Tub Buyers Guide

After reading through the reviews, you should have your eye on a hot tub model to suit your home. However, if you’re struggling to settle on a preferred model, it better to know what to look for in a good hot tub.


Coleman and Bestway hot tubs accommodate between two to seven adults, depending on the model. However, it’s important to note that people over 250-lbs in bodyweight will count for two people when choosing your hot tub size.

If you and your partner are the only people using the tub, go for a smaller model that seats two to four people. These tubs have the fastest heating times, and they’re the easiest to maintain. If you have a large family or think you’ll be entertaining in the tub, go for a larger model.

Energy Efficiency

Coleman hot tubs are energy efficient. They connect to household electrical outlets, with no need for special installation by an electrician. As a result, they are portable systems you can take with you on vacation.

All Coleman pumps come with digital interfaces and remarkably efficient operation. These pumps don’t cost a fortune to run, and you won’t get any outrageous electricity bills.

Durable Materials

All Coleman and Bestway hot tubs come with design and construction featuring durable materials. Coleman and Bestway models feature TriTech materials, giving you a material that’s three times thicker than standard PVC hot tub materials.

The sidewalls of Coleman hot tubs feature ribbing reinforcement for a stable sidewall and no give in the tub. You can sit on the edge of the tub without deforming the sidewall- but we wouldn’t recommend it.


When selecting your hot tub, pay attention to the gallon capacity. Coleman hot tubs come with capacities between 177-gallons to 292-gallons, depending on the model.

All hot tubs do is play the gallon capacity they hold when 80% full. Take that into consideration when purchasing your tub.

Massage Jets

Coleman and Bestway hot tubs come with air jets mounted into the floor and sides of the tub. These jets provide a steady flow of bubbles to the water. Some models come with different intensity settings for the bubbler, allowing you to intensify the massage experience if you feel like it.

Depending on the model, your Coleman or Bestway hot tub could feature 60 to 140-air jets and multiple settings. Typically, the more expensive Bestway models have options for bubbler intensity and more jets than the Coleman models – but a higher price tag.

Comfort and Flooring

The floor of Coleman and Best way hot tubs act as the seat. However, the flooring is comfy, providing a relaxing experience.

The floors also feature a textured finish providing grip for your feet when getting in and out of the tub. It’s a great feature for seniors who need more traction on the tub floor to avoid slip-and-falls.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

All Coleman and Bestway hot tubs feature design and construction with easy-cleaning materials. Drain your spa, and use a soft cloth to wipe it down; that’s all you need for efficient maintenance of your spa.

The Coleman and Bestway models use “ChemConnect” technology to treat the water in your spa, keeping it cleaner for longer, reducing water changes. There’s also less need to shock or treatment the water in the spa, thanks to the built-in ChemConnect technology.

All Coleman and Bestway models come with additional water filters included with your purchase.

Compact Storage

Most Coleman and Bestway models feature an inflatable design, with the water pump acting as the air pump to fill the spa. As a result, you get a convenient setup from anywhere with an electrical outlet.

It’s easy to inflate and deflate the Coleman and Bestway spas, making them the ideal portable hot tub to take on vacation. When the winter arrives, pack up your spa and leave it out of the way in the garage until the spring arrives.

LED Lighting

Some of the top-end Bestway models include LED lighting with your hot tub. The Bestway Vancouver model comes with LED lighting, offering you seven different colors to choose from with your tub.

You control the lighting through the dedicated app on your phone that links to the pump.


As mentioned, all Coleman and Bestway models come with a digital pump controller interface. You can expect the following features on the pump.

  • Pump Controls – Control the temperature through the pump interface or a dedicated app.
  • Lighting – Control the lighting through your app.
  • Air Jets – Set the jets and intensity through the pump or your app.
  • Temperature – Preheat your spa before you get home, and enjoy a warm soak as soon as you get in the door. All Coleman and Bestway models offer max temperatures of 104F.

Coleman Hot Tub FAQs

How long must I wait to get in the water after shocking my hot tub?

The water in your hot tub requires changing from time-to-time. However, a hot tub is like your pool. You can treat the water with chemicals to kill bacteria, reducing the frequency of water changes for your tub. Depending on the brand of chemical you’re using to shock your tub, you’ll have to wait between 20-minutes to 24-hours to use the water.

Are Coleman and Bestway the same company?

It might surprise you to learn that Bestway gets its hot tubs from the same manufacturing facility as Coleman. Therefore, you get all the same benefits as the Coleman models, including digital pumps and construction with TriTech materials.

Can I leave my hot tub on 24/7?

Yes, you can leave your hot tub on 24/7. While manufacturers recommend you leave it on, we don’t think it’s a practical choice, and it wastes electricity. Rather turn it off between soaking sessions and reduce your carbon footprint.

Where can I buy the best Coleman hot tub?

We recommend picking up your Coleman or Bestway hot tub from Amazon. Amazon has the best range and prices, and it’s the worlds leading online retailer. You can expect fast delivery if you’re a Prime member, and you get buyer protection on your order, with hassle-free exchanges and returns.

Coleman Hot Tubs – The Verdict

After reading through the reviews and the buyer’s guide, you should have your eye on a prospective hot tub. However, if you’re having trouble settling on the right model for your patio or deck, why not go with one of our top picks?

The Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub is our top choice for the review, with 114-air jets and a 57-inch inner diameter that’s suitable for four to six adults. You get a dual-action pump with heating and aeration, featuring a digital timer for easy preheating.

The Coleman SaluSpa Havana is our winner of the best premium Coleman hot tub in this review. You get a 177-gallon capacity, with enough seating area for two to four adults. There are 60 air jets, and you get the same TriTech materials used in the design and construction of all Coleman hot tubs.

Homeowners looking for the most affordable Coleman model will love the SaluSpa Tahiti model. This hot tub features 60 air jets and seating for two to four adults. Best of all, you get an affordable price tag.

Best value and low price Coleman Hot Tub

Coleman Hot Tub

Like all modern inflatable hot tubs, the Coleman models are made of a very durable 3-layer material. A person can easily sit on the back of this hot tub. As we mentioned above, Coleman spas will be spacious and roomy for 2 people but 4 people also can …